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    $347.00Confident & Whole

    Everything you've been through is for a reason. This workshop will help you find purpose in your past to prepare you for what's to come.

About Faith And Authority:

Faith And Authority is a faith-based business providing coaching services and resources to encourage, empower, and enlighten professionals to live in their truth and pursue the life they dream of.

Empowerment Strategist, Coach Ty Yanna

is here to help you position your strengths through:
  • Workshops, motivational messages, and scriptures to keep you encouraged.

  • Personal development coaching equipping clients with the confidence, perspective, and strategy to achieve their innermost goals. Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call

  • Readings and resources in the blog and Faithful Lifestyle Shop providing new exposure and fresh perspective sure to enlighten

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Take our client's words for it...

Met me at a crossroad

Ms. A.J

I came to Ty at a crossroads in my life, choosing whether I wanted to continue my day to day life feeling unhappy or, instead, begin to do the inner work in order to find fulfillment. Ty offered her time, empathy, knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Even in my worst moments, she was generous and patient, guiding me to deeper sense of self and connection. With her, I found a greater connection to myself, to my purpose, and to those I love...

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Coach Ty

Coach Ty is a Christian entrepreneur with a multifaceted background in research, healthcare, and the arts. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Ty took an honors anthropology course where she realized her love of learning about cultures and traditions. Studying individual’s personalities and behaviors allow her to interact with diverse groups and embrace the uniqueness each person contains. Working with diverse communities around the world honed her communication and mediation skills. Ty also has a gift for listening not only to what is said, but the unspoken nuances that people convey. 

Her skills and experience led her to become certified as a life coach further positioning her to unlock the potential of clients to acknowledge, shift, and pursue the fulfilling life of their dreams.