Your Experiences Were Preparation,

Not Punishment

Carrying the fear or anticipation that you’re not enough? Can’t achieve those dreams you’re too afraid to say out loud? Think things in general just won't work out for you? Holding onto your past may subconsciously cause you to make those limitations a reality. This workshop is designed to help men and women shift from past experiences that you’re stuck in so you can use that preparation as stepping stones as you walk towards your fulfilling your desires.

In this workshop you’ll be guided through an 8 part journey to:
  • Realize ‘It’s A Journey’ so pace yourself and stop trying to do too much or the wrong things at the wrong times.

  • Understand your limitations have ‘Deep Roots’ that took time to build so take time to reflect and break them down.

  • Define ‘A Confident Mindset’ and learn how to adopt one.

  • Discover ‘The Lesson to be Learned’ otherwise you’re bound to keep repeating the test.

  • ‘Set Your Limits’ because boundaries are for your own protection.

  • ‘Fresh Motivation’ to bring new life to old dreams.

  • ‘Acceptance’ of your experiences. (THIS IS ONE OF MY KEYS IN LIFE!)

  • ‘The Future is Forward’ so make a plan for the direction you want to go.

How much longer will you punish yourself with your past?

There's no time like the present.

Do you keep wanting more out of life, but when opportunities come up you're not prepared? That's because you haven't learned the tools to show up prepared, Confident & Whole!

Instead learn how to use your past to get prepared for your future, accept the experiences, and get moving because your future is ahead of you.


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  • What do I get in this workshop?

    The workshop is self-paced with audio lessons, a downloadable workbook packed with coaching exercises, reflective prompts, motivational quotes, and more!

  • How long is this workshop?

    The workshop is self-paced so it depends on the individual. Do not rush the process! If you need to spend more time on some lessons versus others, do what you need for you!

    There is a suggested schedule included in the workshop materials.

  • Can I get private coaching?

    If you're interested in private 1-on-1 coaching schedule a complimentary call so we can discuss the options that are best for you.

  • What is the refund policy?

    This workshop was designed to walk you through exercises based on experience and coaching expertise. If you commit to the process, are honest, and do the work you will get results.

    In the event that you are dissatisfied with the workshop, email [email protected] within 3 days of registering for the workshop. I will follow-up with you to provide a resolution.

    A full refund will not be given since electronic materials become available immediately.

  • What happens if I signed up for a special limited time offer, but don't complete the requirements?

    If you don't complete the special offer requirements, you will be charged the difference of the regular enrollment cost and limited offer amount and converted to regular access.

    If life happens or there are extenuating circumstances, email [email protected] before the limited offer period expiration and we will assess on a case by case basis.